Art MBA Program Details

PILLAR 1: PLAN (Mindset, Strategy & Problem Solving)

MODULE 1: Multiple Income Streams

WORKSHOP: Multiple Income Streams for artists

  • Applying the portfolio career model for a sustainable journey
  • Defining your ideal work portfolio mix
  • Planning your short term and long term roadmap

LECTURES: Business Mindset for Artists

  • Ownership: managing your own art career
  • Business Mindset: when it helps, and when it can hurt you
  • Be So Good They Can't Ignore You
  • Using Empowering Keywords


  • 90 minute group coaching with Elaine Luttrull, hosted by Miguel Mayher

MODULE 2: Your Professional Writings

WORKSHOP: Everything you will ever need to write as an artist

  • Artist Statement
  • Bio
  • CV
  • PR
  • Contests
  • Email etiquette

LECTURES: Productivity

  • The 80 20 Principle: less effort, less time, but more results
  • Parkinson's Law: how work expands to fit the time you have
  • Daily habits that build your destiny
  • You are not a widget factory: optimizing for states of being
  • Why mindfulness is specially important for artists
  • BONUS: Design & establish your ideal morning & evening routine


  • 90 minute group coaching with Vicki Amorose, hosted by Miguel Mayher

MODULE 3: Artist Website

WORKSHOP: Professionalizing Your Artist Website

  • Getting the three outcomes clear
  • Options of implementation
  • Examples of great websites

LECTURES: Navigating Uncertainty

  • How to make uncertainty benefit you
  • Goal Setting VS Process Orientation
  • Your unique entrepreneurial path: make a plan, but be ready to burn it
  • Rejection & Failure


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher

MODULE 4 - Problem Solving

WORKSHOP: Get Unstuck through the 4 step Problem Solving Formula

  • The 4 step formula to solve any problem
  • Case Study: problem solving discussion with Alex

LECTURES: Decision Making

  • Location: why it matters and why it doesn't
  • Making decisions: how to make the right choice
  • Avoid dilemmas: think in circles & colors (Venn diagrams)
  • The Power of Testing


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher

PILLAR 2: MEET (Resourcefulness, Networking & Community)

MODULE 1: Expanding your contacts

WORKSHOP: How to expand and maintain your professional art network

  • Forget about networking
  • Face to face - even if you are an introvert
  • Cold emails
  • Keeping in touch
  • Asking for favors the right way

LECTURES: Resourcefulness

  • The Rodriguez List: making the most out of all you've got
  • Multiplying opportunity: HUBS
  • Multiplying opportunity: IDEAS
  • Multiplying opportunity: PEOPLE


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher

MODULE 2: Instagram

WORKSHOP: Grow Your Instagram Audience

  • Audit your account: set the foundation, and give a great impression
  • Double your weekly new followers
  • How to leverage your Instagram audience to create opportunities

LECTURES:  Networking for artists 1 of 2

  • Your artist friends: the 5 chimps theory
  • Strong ties: your support community
  • Weak ties: your network


  • 90 minute group coaching with Dina Brodsky & Miguel Mayher

MODULE 3: Email List

WORKSHOP: Start and Grow Your Email Newsletter Audience

  • The power of owning your list vs falling victim to algorithm changes
  • Setting up your list
  • Get your first 100 subscribers
  • Getting into the thousands

LECTURES:  Networking for artists 2 of 2

  • How to connect with anyone
  • Networking for introverts: leaning on your natural inclinations
  • How to send a cold pitch e-mail to anyone and get a positive reply


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher

MODULE 4 - Time Audit

WORKSHOP: Get time to make art through the Time Audit

  • How much time do you need to make great art every week?
  • The Time Audit
  • Carving out your ideal "nest" of weekly hours


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher

MONTH 3: SHOW (Branding, Marketing & Sales)

MODULE 1: Group Show

WORKSHOP: Group Show With Artists You Admire

  • Why this is the most overlooked strategy to boost your visibility and network
  • Envisioning
  • Planning
  • Artists
  • Venue
  • Promotion
  • Delivery

LECTURES: Personal Branding

  • Your fingertip: leveraging your DNA
  • Pick your approach: the artist persona or the personable artist
  • The myth of "build it and they will come"
  • Finding your audience: your 12 collectors amongst 7 Billion people


  • 90 minute group coaching with Rosalind Davis, hosted by Miguel Mayher

MODULE 2: Gallery Representation

WORKSHOP: Proven Blueprint for Gallery Representation

  • Getting a body of work ready
  • Preparing your portfolio
  • Researching your Dream 100 list
  • Cold pitching via email
  • Cold pitching in person
  • Sealing the deal

LECTURES: Marketing for artists

  • In-bound marketing: the opposite of spam
  • Building your list of collectors
  • Step by step instructions to start building your list of collectors
  • Showing your work where there is no competition: the entrepreneurial edge


  • 90 minute group coaching with Jason Horejs, hosted by Miguel Mayher

MODULE 3 - Goal Setting

WORKSHOP: Goal setting made simple (and realistic)

  • The importance of knowing your direction (even if not your destination)
  • Short term goals: Daily, weekly, monthly
  • Medium and long term goals: quarterly, yearly, and visions
  • A simple system that works
  • Setting your roadmap for the next 12 months

LECTURES: Selling your art

  • Selling is caring
  • Boldness: how to ask to get paid when an opportunity comes up
  • They want your work, but it's not about you
  • How to negotiate when you have to
  • Summary List of The Art MBA


  • 90 minute group coaching with Miguel Mayher


Guest expert lectures on making more and keeping more:

  • Advanced pricing strategies: pricing the right way to sell more
  • Legal documents: consignment, representation & licensing agreements
  • Budgeting: a simple five step process for artists
  • Crowdfunding: how to get others to pay for your art project before you start
  • Selling directly to collectors: with or without gallery representation
  • ... and more.

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